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Welcome to the Perfecto Project

A fitness tracking app that leverages culturally-specific narratives and artwork to encourage positive behavior change and healthier living in middle-aged and elderly Latinx populations. 

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What is Perfecto? 

Combining narrative theory, social-psychology, and user experience (UI/UX) research, the project examines the impacts of a smartphone-based health app for motivating middle-aged and elderly Latinx people who are seeking to increase their physical activity for better health. This project builds on WhoIsZuki, a previous research study that demonstrate the efficacy of narrative-based feedback for increasing physical activity among smartphone app users. 

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Why does culture matter? 

Latinx people are underrepresented in current interventions focused on health despite the fact that this population is disproportionately affected by diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Research shows that when health interventions are cognizant of target populations’ cultures, their knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions undergo a shift. The Perfecto Project aims to leverage the motivating effect of cultural-specificity to devise the most effective digital health solutions.

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